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Central Reservations

Please note that it is a condition of entry to Kabula Lodge that the owners and staff of the Lodge will not be held liable for any loss, injuries or damages sustained whatsoever and however.

Pieter du Toit: +27 82 672 5168
Leonie du Toit: +27 82 550 8642
Ann Morrow: +27 82 569 2998

Email: info@kabulalodge.com

Luxury Chalet per night. (Accommodates 6 people). 2 ensuite bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, dining room & large deck.
Fisherman's cottage. (Accommodates 4 people)R910.00
Family Chalet per night (Accommodates 3 people)R860.00
Twin Chalet each per night (Accommodates 2 people) Total of 3 Twin Chalets available.R650.00
Camping (per adult per night)R130.00
Camping (children under 16 per night)R75.00
Fishing Boat (3 persons per boat) per hour. Extra for each person in excess of 3. See below.
Barge per hour with 4 passengers. (Additional R50 per hour per passenger up to a maximum of 10 people on the barge).R300.00*
Firewood (per bundle)
This is a community project with all proceeds from sales going to the local community.
Freezer Boxes per dayR100.00
Fridge/Freezer per dayR100.00
Chef per day. (See note below)R200.00*

* Boat charge of R300 per hour includes for up to and including 3 people. R75 per hour for each person in excess of 3. Fishing rods and tackle included in price. Lost repalas, or damaged equipment,  will be charged for.
* The minimum charge for the barge is R300 per hour for up to 4 people thereafter a charge of R50 per additional passenger up to a maximum total of 10 (TEN) people on the barge at any one time.

* The Chef, who lives in a nearby village, is not employed by Kabula and if you wish to make use of his services you need to advise us prior to your arrival.


Please be advised that it is a requirement that all vehicles entering Zambia have Zambian 3rd Party Insurance. This insurance can be purchased at most border posts.

We have received reports that the agents selling this insurance at the border posts are charging excessive amounts for this insurance and we would therefore recommend that travellers obtain this insurance direct from the agents in Lusaka prior to travelling. This can be done online and we have been advised by some of our visitors that Phoenix Insurance in Lusaka provide a good service. The charge should not be more than 140ZMW or about $14 per vehicle for a period of 30 days. The border post agents are charging up to 4 times this amount.

Disclaimer Notice/Indemnity. ESSENTIAL TO READ

Please note that Kabula Lodge is not only situated “in the bush” but is also situated directly on the banks of a large and mighty river, both of which present their own inherent dangers and risks.

The Proprietors must therefore clearly advise, and unreservedly caution, all guests, all visitors and any person entering Kabula Lodge (and its environs), that they enter the premises, and use the facilities and any equipment provided, entirely at their own risk. The Proprietors, their agents and/or their employees (“the Proprietors”) shall not be liable for, and upon entry every guest, every visitor and every person, no matter their business or reason for entering Kabula Lodge and its environs, waive and abandon, any claims of whatever nature, including but not limited to that of theft, injury, fatality, loss or damage of whatever nature, against the Proprietors, whether arising from the default of the Proprietors, their negligence or otherwise. Guests, in addition to the aforesaid, indemnify the proprietors against any claims which may arise from whatever nature, whether arising from the default of the Proprietors, their negligence or otherwise. Disclaimer notices are displayed around the property and are valid and automatically considered as accepted by Guests and persons entering the property (Kabula Lodge and its environs).


Hire of Boats and Barge: Notice

Please note that the above Disclaimer/Indemnity also applies when making use of the boats, and the barge, which are offered for hire at Kabula Lodge and all passengers are requested to make use of and wear lifejackets before embarkation and throughout the time spent on the water, and especially if traversing rapids. Life jackets are to be requested from the boat/barge operator before the start of the trip and it is a condition of boarding our boats or barge that you accept that it is your responsibility to make sure you have a suitable lifejacket for your exclusive use throughout the excursion. If you prefer not to wear a life jacket you do so entirely at your own risk however you are requested to ensure that there is a suitable life jacket at hand for your exclusive use should their be an emergency during the excursion.


Safekeeping of Valuables: Notice

Please note that with the upgrading and bitumen surfacing of the main road between Katima Mulilo (Sesheke) and Mongu, access into the area has been made easier and with it has come a few incidents of petty theft. Visitors are therefore asked to be vigilant and it is recommended that valuables are locked in vehicles, especially at night.

If you are booking a chalet or a camp site, please provide us with information about your intended arrival & departure times and any activities you may wish to be involved in, together with your details, in the form below. Thank you.