Getting to Kabula Lodge

Kabula Lodge is situated on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River in Barotseland, Western Zambia. From the border post at Katima Mulilo (Wenela Border Post), between Namibia and Zambia, head north towards Mongu on Route M10. Our clearly signposted entrance is approximately 58 kms along this recently surfaced high standard main road.

The Lodge is also accessible by air with a 1000m long airstrip with a grass surface at the following co-ordinates: S17°03.281′ E024°00.125′.

Getting there from Johannesburg

  • Including for border stops, fuel stops, etc, Jhb to Kabula is a comfortable and pleasant 2 day drive. We recommend going through Botswana, entering at the Martins Drift Border Post. Please make sure you have all your vehicle papers with you when you leave home otherwise you will not be allowed to take your vehicle out of SA (Log book, proof of insurance, permission from bank to take out if under HP).
  • On the Botswana side of the border you will be required to pay a Road Tax of about Pula 120; Pula 200 with trailer. (2010 rates). Get Pula at Rennies or your bank and change back those you do not use on your return. Visas into Botswana are not required for SA passport holders.
  • SA third party is valid.
  • Credit cards are generally accepted for fuel purchases but some places only take cash (Pula). Garage Cards are generally not accepted in Botswana.
  • You should find that if treated with respect the Botswana people are generally very pleasant and friendly.
  • From Martin’s Drift head for Francistown, then Nata. We strongly recommend an overnight stay in Nata. Consider spending a full day at Nata and visiting the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. This area incorporates a multitude of salt pans and vast grass plains dotted by palm islands and forms the Great Makgadikagidi which comprise the largest area of salt pans in the world covering some 37000 sq km in overall extent. It is the last vestiges of Africa’s largest inland sea. Also visit the Nata Sanctuary where the Nata River delta feeds the Sua Pan and forms the breeding ground for a host of water birds including pelicans and flamingo in their thousands, transforming the shore line into a pink haze blending into the western sky.
  • From Nata head north to Kasane
  • The road through Botswana is surfaced and generally good but watch out for speed traps especially through the smaller towns. Speeding fines are payable on the spot and you must pay in Pula.
  • Fill up with fuel at Nata as supplies at Kasane are not always reliable due to Zimbabweans coming across and draining supplies.
  • From Kasane you can elect to enter Zambia via Kazangula or Katima Mulilo via Namibia and avoid the Kazangula Border Post which is always busy and congested
  • Kazangula is the most direct route if you are intending visiting the Victoria Falls on route. You will cross the Zambezi River on a ferry ($20 or R160). (2010 rates).
  • If you have seen the falls then we suggest you enter Zambia via Katima Mulilo. This route requires you to go through Namibia (Caprivi Strip). As you approach Kasane you will see a road going to the left which heads for Ngoma Bridge which is the border post between Botswana and Namibia. About 5 kms along this road you will enter the Chobe Game Reserve. Sign the book as you enter and then again when you exit the reserve at Ngoma Bridge. This is a bonus and some good game sightings are probable along this road.


  • Visas into Namibia are not required for SA passport holders.
  • SA third party is valid.
  • Currency; Rands or Namibian Dollars. Rands generally readily accepted everywhere.
  • Once in Namibia head for Katima Mulilo which is the border town with Zambia.
  • A Cross Border Tax of about R120 is payable in Katima Mulilo. (2010 rates)  (Directions to tax office clearly shown). You will need to show this tax receipt when exiting Botswana.
  • Fill up with fuel in Katima Mulilo as fuel is excessively expensive in Zambia.
  • Katima Mulilo has a few large and well supplied supermarkets if you need some last minute goodies. Please note that you may not take raw meat into Namibia and your car will be searched at the border. We suggest that you purchase your meat requirements at the shops in Katima Mulilo.


  • Welcome to Western Zambia (Barotseland), which is very much the “4th World”. Please note that once you cross the border there is, except for generally nice friendly people and lots of bush and the most magnificent river in Africa, not a lot.
  • Visas into Zambia are not required for SA passport holders.
  • The currency is the Kwatcha. Rands are generally, but not always, readily accepted everywhere.
  • SA third party is NOT VALID in Zambia so unless you have obtained special cover in SA you will have to purchase this at the border post; plus Carbon Tax plus a Local Levy. (Third Party + Carbon Tax + Local Levy will cost you about R500). (Per 2010). PLEASE SEE OUR NOTICE UNDER “RATES & BOOKINGS” REGARDING THE PURCHASE OF 3RD PARTY COVER PRIOR TO TRAVELLING.
  • Police Clearance Certificate:- It has recently come to our attention that all South African vehicles entering Zambia must have a Police Clearance Certificate. This certificate can usually be obtained from any police station in South Africa.
  • Please be patient at the border post, this is “Africa” and it all takes place in African time. The customs officials are generally a friendly bunch and a few smiles and niceties definitely makes everything move along that much faster.
  • Head for Kabula which is on the road to Mongu. (To the left when you hit the 1st T-Junction.) If you cross the Zambezi River after leaving the border post you are going in the wrong direction!
  • The road from the border post to Kabula, a total of 58kms, is now a high standard surfaced road.
  • The entrance to Kabula is well signposted and you should not miss it. The lodge is about 3 kms from the main road along a well worn bush track/road which is signposted. A vehicle with reasonably high clearance is recommended for this short stretch of road and a 4x4 is generally only required during the rainy season.

Chobe Game Reserve

On your return from Kabula we suggest that you consider a visit to the Chobe Game reserve in Botswana and take an evening game cruise on the Chobe River. A truly memorable experience! There are a number of lodges to stay at in Chobe and we suggest you visit the internet to choose a place which suits your pocket. Chobe is 3 km from Kasane and makes a convenient stopping off place on your way home.