Camping at Kabula Lodge

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The fully grassed Kabula campsites, situated beneath huge indigenous trees, are without question the best on the Zambezi River ……. they are magnificent!  These are serviced by clean and well-designed ablutions.

The campsites are a big hit with fishing groups looking for 5-star affordable accommodation as they engage in their annual fishing competitions to catch a trophy Tiger Fish.

In addition to each camp site having its own washing up facility there is a communal washing up area with hot and cold water. Water is heated twice daily by wood fired boilers. A local community member can be hired to undertake your washing and camp cleaning. Please engage this member through the Lodge Manager and agree a rate before taking on this person. (Community Assist Programme).

Some of the campsites have their own thatched lapa/boma which contain tables and benches and are ideal for use as a kitchen/eating area. These spacious and well set out campsites, which have a view of the river, are truly magnificent and we are confident in our claim that one will have to go a long way to find better.

Please note that the water in the taps is drawn directly from a fast-flowing section of the river and whilst suitable for most purposes we suggest it is boiled before being drunk.  There are a few fresh water wells in the area, however we cannot vouch for the quality of the water.  We suggest therefore that you bring with you sufficient bottled drinking water for your stay.

WARNING:- Guests/Visitors are asked to note that Kabula Lodge is not only situated “in the bush” but it is also situated on the banks of a large and mighty river, both of which present their own inherent risks and dangers. The Proprietors must therefore clearly state that guests and visitors who visit Kabula Lodge, and use the facilities and equipment provided, do so entirely at their own risk. Guests/visitors are requested to read the indemnity notices included on this website (See “Rates and Bookings”) plus the notice regarding the hire and use of the barge and the boats.